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Feel the Horror and the suspense in this new adventure created by David Amado Fernandez.

A very severe contagious disease is spreading THROUGH the whole hospital. Doors and windows have been sealed. Quarantine status HAS BEEN declared.
The BLACK COLOR OF THE BLOOD is the most shocking feature of the disease.
For that reason, the staff has named it "BLACK BLOOD DISEASE".
The last of our survivors must escape the evil beast who is resident inside the hospital.

Puzzles and exploration in third person are mixed with suspense and shooter in this game.
Feel the action and the adrenaline mixed with awesome QTE
Immerse yourself in your cinematics and discover the terrifying past of the Hospital.

Will you be able to survive the BLACK BLOOD?

Install instructions

Only unrar the rar file in any folder and click on exe file. Easy


BLACK BLOOD Beta v0.9.rar 317 MB


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I just played it and it has the old school survival games vibe, so yeah, nice game man.

It doesn't save the story progress......

Can it be available for Android??? 

I have created an Android version in test mode, for personal use, but the control is too difficult in a mobile, and I have decided not to publish it on android

Pretty neat stuff thus far. Agree with the other reviewers that potential is definitely there with polish. Also agree that the voice acting is probably the area in most need of attention. For me, the music transitions were far too abrupt as well - the cuts between areas were very noticeable. The level design and puzzles within were nicely done, well thought through.

One bug I encountered; upon leaving the hospital room you wake up in and heading right, there are two barred doors along the corridor, one on the left hand side and one on the right. I ran into the door on the right and phased into the empty room beyond it. I was stuck there for about 30 seconds but by persevering and running at the door again I glitched back through, hah. Just a heads up on that one there.

As I say though, potential is definitely there and I'd be looking forward to seeing how the project develops.


Overall I was quite impressed. The mechanics, environment, conveyance, atmosphere and puzzles were fantastic. The animations were okay but the voices seemed like everyone was trying too hard. Definitely worth a play! More in depth constructive criticism at around 27:00 in the video!

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Lotta scenes could use a lot of work, but it's both unintentionally, and intentionally funny - and it has a good concept, and I like the environment, but a lot of polish is needed in my opinion, here's my playthrough, critiques and walkthrough :P