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ILLUSION OF GAIA :  fan-remake DEMO v0.01

.- This game is a remake of Illusion of Gaia, released in Japan as Gaia Gensōki (ガイア幻想紀),[2], and in Europe and Australia as Illusion of Time. Originally, was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, in Japan on November 27, 1993, and in North America on September 1, 1994. Developed by Quintet, Enix published the game in Japan, and Nintendo published it worldwide.

.-This is not an Official Remake.

.- This game is non-profit.

.-This game is an small technical demonstration created for educational purposes, and not for economic purposes or misappropriation. All the rights of this title are property of Enix (or Square Enix) I am not sure.

.-This game and all its resources was created by 

.- I hope you enjoy this remake of this Super Nintendo`s classic title, thanks for playing.


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Will you ever continue this project?

One of my favorites of all time. Very cool remake, I liked the subtle addition of having that final bat cluster actually have a larger 'boss' bat unlike the reskinned one in the original lol. Also I thought the lighting work was especially strong.  The environments were great too. Thanks!


One of my favorite games of all time! I had so much fun with this!!


Thank you, remember try my others games too!


I definitely will when I get some free time!

This takes me back. I absolutely love it!

It's hard to run

This was a fantastic nostalgia trip. Honestly makes me miss these games so much. Thank you for creating this lovely piece, the amount of effort you've put into it is obviously visible and it makes me happy to have been able to play and enjoy it!


Hello, and congratulations for your work, will you translate it into French? Thank you.

Hello, this game marked a large part of my childhood and I am very excited that you want to make a remake, I would like to help in this project as much as I can, I am a 3d animator and I would like to work on this project just out of illusion, thanks and greetings from Colombia, great game https://loconotho6.wixsite.com/animacion3d

Hey my friend, I gave your game a play, and it was really cool! I've loved this game since I was a kid, and I really appreciate the love you put into this remake.

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this is incredible work you have here, i dont know if it is still in development, im a huge fan of the original.

Best of luck.

Just for my own curiosity, is this being worked on or is the demo all were gonna get?  Very awesome start though :) Don't want to get my hopes up if it isn't gonna happen


is this baced off of zleda

That a promising start! I wish you would finish this, 'cause this game was my first RPG ever, and seeing a full remake of it in this style would be awesome!

I really enjoyed playing it, even it's a little bit too short :D

I didn't encoutered the stairs bug like many seems to have. The experience was realively smooth once you get that running can be only only when you're standing not when you're walking.

I would love to see how celesto (not sure about the english name, I'm french and I always played this game in french) would render with all his double face level thing, as well as the comet battle, and some several cinematic. There's some pretty aestetic things to acomplish here!

As a said, a promising start! (Finish it, please! :D )

Amazing :) I'd love to work on an Illusion of Gaia remake for real!


Hello guy ! I discovered your remake totally by accident while searching pictures for a video about the historical inspirations of Illusion of Gaia and then, I made a video about it too !

You can see it there : 

It's in french, I don't know if you can understand anything haha. But I'm saying that I'm pleasantly surprised that someone is working about that, the characters are very cute and I struggle a bit with the controls (and the stairs) but it's a really early alpha demo so it's totally logical. I wish you the best for this project !

If you're interested by the "inspirations" video about Illusion of Gaia, I made english subtitles for it (and I guess spanish translated subtitles from french work too) :

This is a beautiful demo, but there are some technical problems that make it near unplayable. Maybe it was just my system, but I couldn't walk or run up stairs? I had to walk sideways over and over again to get up any.  Also, I couldn't skip through NPC dialogue. It seemed to randomly decide when it was done.

I think with the right technical team, this could be an amazing remake. The colors, shaders, and general modeling were amazing. Illusion of Gaia was one of my favorite games growing up and the design really captures the spirit of the old game.

Hey! This is amazing! Thank you so much! A nice demo.
It's difficult however to run smoothly. Double arrow tap like in the original, but you need to stop and THEN run, or Will continue to walk... And this is very annoying for an action game. Imo you can set a different runnning system, maybe with a different key.
But, thanks, for a retrogamer this demo is a joy :)

Me acabo de hacer la cuenta solo para poder comentarte en la noticia, me parece genial lo que acabas de hacer, y como ha dicho @Trampoxs si esto saliera para crowdfunding aquí tendrías otra persona más.

Illusion of time, terranigma y secret of evermore son los 3 juegos que más aprecio de mi infancia, así que ver cosas así se agradece.

Ver uno de terranigma ya sería increible, pero esto es igualmente genial, gracias.

Qué buenos recuerdos. Una demo genial, David.

Por curiosidad, ¿cuánto tiempo te ha llevado este proyecto?

3 meses, desde febrero mas o menos

Me encanta mucho lo que has hecho de verdad, es uno de los juegos de mi infancia, espero que sigas trabajando en ello, no dudes en abrir algun crowfunding yo estaria dispuesto a pagar para ayudarte, muy bien hecho tienes mis 10


Que buenos recuerdos trajiste ami mente , muchas gracias por este demo , desgraciadamente no logre llegar al boss si es que lo hay jajaja creo que estábamos jugando en hard XD 

Muchas gracias por la información David. El modelado y las texturas te han quedado chulisimas.

One world: Beautiful! 

Have you considered participating in our GDWC #gamedev contest? 

Check out our itch.io page for more info :) 

No, actually, I did not even know him, but thanks for inviting me, I'll take a look at the website

Hola David, ¿Qué herramientas tiene para desarrollar el demo? Me interesaría saberlo para poder aprender a utilizarlas, gracias.


Hola Enygmax. Uso 3d Studio Max, para modelar y animar, con bipedo principalmente. Para las texturas suelo utilizar Mudbox, es bastante fácil pintar de este estilo con Mudbox. Y finalmente y como imaginarás el motor que uso es Unity 3d. :)

Holy shit is this really happening ?!! can't wait to try it out and give you feedbacks !

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Amazing work for an amazing game. It reaaly shows the love the developer feels for this classic.

Looking really really nice on this style. I highly recomend to give it a try. Looking forward for more!