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Skate, jump, shoot and destroy!

Welcome to Clean City, a futuristic city that lives under the threat of Sergeant Rocco. 

Our protagonist is Diana Katz, a child prodigy who invented a robot with unique qualities. Kiara is a robot capable of jumping, skating, rolling, and destroying everything in her path. With these abilities she will keep the peace safe in Clean City.

Roller Katz gameplay mixes the genre of platforms with high speed, skating and different gadgets with which to defeat your enemies.

The long levels have multiple paths full of surprises, places to skate, bars over which to grind, rivers to jump over, etc. All this accompanied by enemies who will try put an end to the adventures of our partner Kiara.

GAME NOMINATED in the  Playstation Talents Awards 2020  in the categories of Best Art, Most Innovative Game, Playstation Compromise and Best Game of the Year.


  • Skating, grind, jump and do tricks!
  • Fight, use weapons and destroy your enemies.
  • Dynamism, speed and fun.
  • A big world with different paths to explore.
  • -Anime style cinematics.
  • -3D gameplay graphics.

This is the first episode of Roller Katz: BF.

This game has been developed by Naili Studio and directed by David Amado Fernández.




Buy Now2.50€ EUR or more

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Okay so I much prefer this version to the demo - adding the playground tutorial would help a lot with the controls, I would suggest putting that level in the demo.

I found some glitches. First, it seems rails on the playground can only be grinded on from one direction, and if you try to grind them from the other direction you will get stuck facing the ground. This is notable since the playground is a relatively open-ended arena. I know this won't be an issue on most rails, but it's an issue here.

Second, in mission two I somehow didn't notice how to follow a river, and by abusing the dash item, I was able to ascend the pretty mountain in front of you, and climb out of bound onto a small square green meadow hanging in the void.

Third, and honestly "gamebreaking" (lol) bug - in some levels, like the tutorial and second mission, the music doesn't loop properly. After track ends, there's only silence. That makes the experience really awful because music is so great and adds so much to the game, and there's no ambient sounds. I don't know if this happens every time, but it's really demotivating. It didn't happen in the first mission (the same one from the demo), but it happened in the tutorial and the second mission, and it really sucked.

I don't know if it happens every time, I just quit the game to write this. Will keep you posted.

Because of the third bug, I genuinely couldn't stand fighting the second boss and I quit. Turns out that there is no in-game menu for quitting (escape does nothing) so I tried alt+f4 - it worked, but... it didn't save my progress. Bummer. Some kind of autosave would be nice, or some kind of save menu after hittin Escape. Or you know, a save menu between missions.

That's kinda a shame, since second boss is way better than the first - it's still a bullet sponge, but figuring out how to damage it is kind of a puzzle, and it actually hit me a few times (damage it deals it's still too low, though).

Also a minor problem, but in the first mission train section, i was hit by a train immediately after jumping on the rail with no chance to see it coming.

However, I will say I much prefer the level design of second mission so far to what I've seen in the demo.

Quick fixes I think could improve the experience with relatively little effort:

  • currently pressing Backwards is mostly useless. I suggest that "back" on keyboard should do a quick 180 turn (on gamepad, this maneuver should probably be relegated to a trigger or a face button, or maybe pressing in the left stick). This would really help with steering in more open areas.
  • I don't think it'd be a bad idea to copy Sonic and add quickstep on shoulder buttons - on keyboard on Q/E, just a quick ability to horizontally strafe without turning. This would help with more high-speed sections
  • bosses really need shorter healthbars. Like not even joking, like their healthbars should be like, 25-50% of their current value. Just up their damage dealt by 1000% (not a typo) to compensate with difficulty.

Anyway, I will play more later and keep giving feedback.


If you're a bystander, sitting on this page wondering if the game is worth the price of admission despite what I said about issues and glitches - read my lips, absolutely. Intro cinematic alone is worth the price. When the game works, it works amazingly, it just has some growing pains right now. And the graphics are beautiful, and story is interesting and presented really well. For this price it's an absolute steal. It's kinda like an early access game - it's already pretty fun, and it seems it's only going to get better.


Thank you for your comment, to help you with the second boss I recommend you attack from inside the water and always have a Gatchet close by, because the Gatchet (weapons) also recover your energy and you will be able to carry out the attacks more often.

Oh no, the boss was fun. I just wasn't able to finish it because the music glitch made fight feel really weird. I will definitely power through, though!


Amazing Game. I loved the Sonic Adventure and Megaman Influences here. Congrats and keep it up!


Thanks for making this Gameplay, your support is very important to me. :)